Loan, Exchange and Sale

Component availability around the clock for your operations
Single Component Availability - SCA

Single Component Availability (SCA) is Lufthansa Technik's flexible service for the loan, exchange and sale of components. Both routine requests and rapid AOG support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a dedicated SCA hotline as well as e-mail and SITA.

We supply either overhauled and serviceable surplus material or new components from our warehouses around the globe. Stocks are strategically located in Europe, North America, Singapore, China and Russia. SCA is available for all major aircraft types from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.   


Our single component loans provide customers with full traceability, and an exclusive aircraft record for optimum transparency. While customers often choose a component loan for high-cost items, Lufthansa Technik is prepared and committed to provide a quote for all components offered through SCA. In case of a loan request, Lufthansa Technik provides the customer with a component from its own pool and expects the customer to return the component to Lufthansa Technik after use. 


In the case of an exchange request, Lufthansa Technik provides the customer with a component from its own pool and in return accepts the customer's component. Choosing an exchange will minimize additional ground time in your operation and maximize your flexibility. Furthermore, customers who have Lufthansa Technik components on loan have the option of converting the loan into an exchange with an equivalent component. Whether the customer chooses a loan or an exchange, Lufthansa Technik always provides high quality components. 


Maintaining an inventory worth around one billion euros and continuously sourcing from all major vendors, Lufthansa Technik has acquired a unique handling expertise for the surplus parts market. Sale is the number one choice if operators want to obtain the material long-term, e.g. for the initial provisioning or a stock increase of their home base. As one of the leading MRO providers Lufthansa Technik can also offer replacement of BER (Beyond Economical Repair) components from its stock. 

Customer Advantages

Lufthansa Technik serves 2,800 aircraft and more than 150 international carriers around the globe, delivering more than 130,000 parts per year. This unique experience allows us to really understand our customers' need for:

  • Optimum price value
  • Flexibility of supplier choice
  • Independence of single supplier (no contract)
  • Independence and flexibility in parts sourcing
  • Optimum supplement for PBH (Power By the Hour) contracts