Quality, Health & Safety

Quality and safety rank first for us

Quality is an aspiration that pervades all the processes of Lufthansa Technik Component Services and cannot be considered in isolation from the activities. Lufthansa Technik Component Services therefore employs a unique management system to ensure that quality aspects are fully integrated. Quality also means generating opportunities from ongoing learning processes. Regular exchanges of information and ideas between quality managers from the entire Lufthansa Technik Group ensure a rapid transfer of knowledge around the globe. 

Health and safety

  • Safety is the core value and is given top priority within the business. This not only applies to the components that are entrusted to us, but also to the environment and the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses.
  • The overall safety objective is to prevent incidents and accidents within component operations. This includes proactive hazard identification processes and risk management strategies with the intent to eliminate or mitigate safety risks of potential hazards.
  • The safety policy is communicated to all levels of the organization to achieve the highest delivery of safety performance of all employees. Consequently a natural prerequisite for all employees is the adherence to all legal and safety requirements and standards. This is especially true for the aviation regulations as well as for the protection of the environment, occupational safety and health protection.
  • We ensure that everyone who is dealing with us also meets appropriate safety standards.
  • For goal conflicts we will decide in favor of safety.
  • We take Human Factor guidelines into account for the design and performance of all activities.