The Queen of Aviation has arrived in Tulsa

A Lufthansa 747-400 is added to the LTCS tear down down project

For its 25th aircraft for disassembly, Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS) received a very special aircraft. A Boeing 747-400, one of the most prestigious aircrafts of the aviation world, landed at Tulsa International Airport. The 23 year old aircraft performed a fly by before smoothly touching down and parking in front of the LTCS facility. Before the arrival of its first wide body aircraft, LTCS disassembled narrow body aircraft mainly of the type Boeing 737. The tear down of the aircraft will be performed in Tulsa in cooperation with Omni Air International. After removal, the aircraft components and engines will be recertified by Lufthansa Technik. These aircraft components will then be integrated into the Lufthansa Technik component pool in Hamburg to serve customers around the world. A certain portion of the removed parts will remain in Tulsa to generate cost-effective repair solutions for customers of LTCS. Even after flying travelers to destinations such as New York, Singapore, Johannesburg and Shanghai, the parts of the 747-400 serve a purpose by providing a second life to a large number of aircraft.

The disassembly of retired aircraft is an important addition to the service portfolio of LTCS to further improve its cost position and provide first class component services for its customers.