On-site Supplies for British Customers

Lufthansa Technik opens component warehouse in London

Lufthansa Technik AG is opening a new warehouse for component supply at London Heathrow Airport. With this local presence in the United Kingdom, Lufthansa Technik is further consolidating its supply network for customers within Europe and significantly shortening the supply times for British customers.

In opening this new warehouse location, Lufthansa Technik is underlining the importance of its British customers and the British aviation market. The state-of-the-art facility, in operation 24/7/365, and the seamlessly integrated transport concept allow the company to even better fulfill the high quality expectations of its customers. The regional proximity means that equipment can be delivered airside to any airport in the UK in just a few hours. Located directly at London Heathrow Airport, the new site also facilitates the quickest possible transport connections to international destinations.

Lufthansa Technik is improving supply for existing Total Component Support TCS® contracts and at the same time optimizing the service range for ad hoc Loan and Exchange customers. Ultimately, the concept serves to extend reliability and efficiency for customers.

Initially, the site will encompass components for virtually all systems in the Airbus A320 family and A330 ranges. Lufthansa Technik will be continually working to expand the equipment portfolio for other aircraft models, thereby continually extending the benefit for customers.

With this move into the United Kingdom and expansions in the Americas and in Asia, for example the planned opening of a Hong Kong site this year, Lufthansa Technik is continuing to offer its customers innovative and highly efficient supply solutions.