Aegean Airlines extends Component Support contract

Airbus A320 & Bombardier Q400 component supply up to 2020

Aegean Airlines has extended the contract with Lufthansa Technik to supply materials for their A320 family and the Q400 fleet of the airline's subsidiary Olympic Air. Under the agreement, Lufthansa Technik is to supply both fleet types with components for another six years.

Lufthansa Technik has been looking after Aegean Airlines A320 family fleet since entry into service in 2007 and after Olympic Air's Q400 fleet since start of its operation in 2009.

Dr. Dimitris Gerogiannis, CEO of Aegean Airlines, said: "We are pleased to extend our cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, a trustful, dependable and innovative partner, on components support for our A320 and Q400 fleet."

Lufthansa Technik´s Chief Executive Product and Services, Dr. Thomas Stueger, explained: "We are very pleased and honored to be able to further expand our cooperation with Aegean Airlines. Over the past years we have established a trustful and reliable partnership. We are convinced that Aegean's operational needs and requirements will be strongly supported by Lufthansa Technik also in the future."

In addition to the components, Lufthansa Technik also supports Aegean Airlines in the form of various maintenance services in the areas of engines, aircraft overhaul, consumables and expendables, as well as the repair of radomes.