Miami Office

The Center of Excellence for Sales and Customer Service

As the gateway to Central and South America, the location in south Florida provides a vast number of flight connections and close proximity to customers, as well as our Sales Product Team. The office accommodates the Account Management, Customer Service team and is the center of competence for PbtH Total Component Services (TCS®) contracts in North, Central and South America. As such, the teams cover all component contract and operation related topics from material provisioning and allocation to maintenance processes and logistics.  

Synergy of customer related functions

The Customer Service Support experts focus on the internal coordination and optimal performance achievements. Customer Service Managers make sure that customers are frequently updated on the progress of units and provide all customer communication on an operational level. At the same time, the Key Account Managers provide expert contract management and customer communication on a strategic level. Finally, the On-Site representative functions as operational trouble shooter at the facility.