Expanded component maintenance for Jet Airways fleet

New Total Component Maintenance contract for Boeing 737NG fleet

Lufthansa Technik AG and the Indian international carrier Jet Airways have expanded their cooperation. Representatives of both companies signed a Total Component Maintenance (TCM) contract for Jet Airways' narrowbody fleet of 80 Boeing 737NG, with single components repaired in a closed-loop and flat rate-based process. In addition, the existing Total Component Support (TCS®) contract for Jet Airways' widebody fleet was extended by another seven years. The contract comprises an extensive component pooling-based support for ten Boeing 777 and eight Airbus A330 aircraft.

Amit Agarwal, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jet Airways, said: "As India's premier international airline, Jet Airways follows a stringent selection process for service providers. We are pleased to expand the scope of our ongoing relationship with Lufthansa Technik to include our Boeing 737NG fleet, in addition to our A330 and 777 fleets, for which they have been a reliable component supplier for many years. We look forward to an excellent partnership with them."

"Jet Airways is one of the most successful international airlines in the fast growing Indian aviation market. We are very proud that we have been a long-term preferred partner for Jet," said Gerald Steinhoff, Vice President Corporate Sales Asia Pacific at Lufthansa Technik. "Our experience in component support and also our long-lasting activities in the Indian market will help us to further improve the best possible technical support for their fleet. Our long association with Jet Airways is proof of the commitment we make to our customers."

Lufthansa Technik Services India is the local presence in the country. Customers from South-East Asia and India can count on a fast, local material service for a growing number of aircraft types and rely on highly skilled customer service in their region. The company supports airlines in every aspect of their component maintenance requirements, using the extensive network of Lufthansa Technik. It also owns and manages the home base material stock for customers in India for their single-aisle aircraft as well as widebody fleets. 


Parker Aerospace Group and Lufthansa Technik announce long-term agreement

Agreement covers for Airbus A350 component support and service

Parker Aerospace and Lufthansa Technik announced an agreement for long-term collaboration for Airbus A350 component maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. The agreement, being announced at MRO Europe 2017, covers the majority of repairable components for the Parker-designed A350 fuel, hydraulic, and fuel tank inerting systems.

The agreement between Lufthansa Technik and Parker Aerospace will encompass the joint development of repair procedures to increase component and systems reliability and reduce related maintenance costs for airline customers worldwide. Airbus and operators benefit from shared best practices and collaborative approaches to continuous improvement in repair performance. The collaboration will help optimize services by focusing on repair development, instead of replacing components, keeping them in flight longer to reduce costs.

Parker is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and a global leader in developing and integrating components across many aerospace technologies. Lufthansa Technik is a world leader in MRO with extensive knowledge of airline operations. By combining efforts with a new way of doing business, customers benefit from OEM data combined with powerful MRO insight and repair capabilities.

"Parker´s objective has always been to develop a strong network and provide local solutions for MRO and part availability," said Parker Aerospace Customer Support Operations (CSO) Vice President of Commercial Aftermarket Vic Jorcyk. "By collaborating we will achieve the best cost-savings for customers, optimize reliability, and develop better repairs by combining our competencies."

Lufthansa Technik Vice President Aircraft Component Services Harald Gloy stated, "This agreement enhances Lufthansa Technik´s position as a key MRO provider on A350 components. I am very pleased that we could further extend the long-standing successful relationship between Parker and Lufthansa Technik." 


Component support for Boeing 787 fleet of NEOS

Total Component Support (TCS®) for three Boeing 787-9

The Italian airline NEOS has contracted Lufthansa Technik to provide comprehensive component support for its new Boeing 787 fleet. The first Boeing 787-9 is scheduled to be delivered to NEOS in mid-December 2017. Based at Milan-Malpensa Airport, NEOS will become the country's first Boeing 787 operator. The new agreement is an extension of the existing component support cooperation, which began as early as 2002.

The Total Component Support (TCS®) contract covers component repair and overhaul, pooling and home base lease services to support NEOS' daily operations. The component supply will be realized via the German Lufthansa Technik facilities in Frankfurt and Hamburg. In addition, Lufthansa Technik will provide independent quality assurance as part of an Aircraft Production Inspection Program for these three Boeing 787-9 at the aircraft manufacturer's site in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The new agreement was signed during an official ceremony on 14 September 2017. Marco Brusa, Technical Director at NEOS, commented: "As the first 787 operator in Italy we are very proud to welcome this aircraft type to our fleet. With Lufthansa Technik we found an experienced partner for 787 component support. They have demonstrated outstanding service reliability and provided a very competitive offer. Therefore we look forward to our future cooperation."

Georgios Ouzounidis, Vice President Corporate Sales Europe at Lufthansa Technik, said: "We are very delighted that NEOS entrusts us with the component support of their new Boeing 787 fleet. Since the start of their operations 15 years ago we have successfully supported the growth of the carrier. We are proud to have been selected to continue this effective partnership."



Global component support for new Boeing 787 fleet of EL AL

15-year Total Component Support (TCS®) contract

The Israeli airline EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. and Lufthansa Technik AG have signed a comprehensive, long-term agreement. In the frame of a 15-year Total Component Support (TCS®) contract, Lufthansa Technik will ensure the global and prompt component supply of the carrier's future Boeing 787 fleet. EL AL has ordered a total of 16 Dreamliners, with the first aircraft to enter service in the EL AL fleet in the third quarter of this year.

The new and exclusive TCS® agreement strengthens the cooperative partnership between Israel's flag carrier and the Hamburg, Germany based maintenance, repair and overhaul provider. The contract covers the global availability of Boeing 787 components. In addition to stocking the inventory at EL AL's hub at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv, Lufthansa Technik will supply EL AL through its global spare parts pools in Asia, America and Europe.

David Maimon, CEO of EL AL, comments: "The 787 as the latest and most advanced aircraft in the world will allow us to enhance passenger service and the overall flight experience. I am convinced that with its advanced component support and service level guarantees Lufthansa Technik will be an important partner for us."

Dr. Johannes Bussmann, CEO of Lufthansa Technik, said: "We are very proud that EL AL has decided to put its trust in our far-reaching portfolio of Boeing 787 services. We look forward to supporting EL AL's Dreamliner fleet with our extensive material supply capacities. The contract furthermore underscores our commitment to be the best partner to support airlines of any size and mix, and especially the newest aircraft generation." 


Extensive component support for Royal Jordanian Airlines

Total Component Support (TCS®) for twelve aircraft

Lufthansa Technik AG and Alia – The Royal Jordanian Airlines Plc (Royal Jordanian) have signed a comprehensive agreement about extensive component maintenance services. Within the framework of this Total Component Support (TCS®) contract, which is already in effect, Lufthansa Technik supplies components for Royal Jordanian's twelve A320 aircraft. Spare parts are provided through access to Lufthansa Technik's component pool and through a home base lease at Royal Jordanian's headquarters in Amman.

Royal Jordanian President & CEO Stefan Pichler said: "We have always trusted the technical services extended by Lufthansa Technik, and we are pleased to build on our long-standing partnership. We believe their efficient and timely services will support our continued keenness to maintain our aircraft in their best performance."
Robert Gaag, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales EMEA, said: "We look forward to continue the successful partnership with Royal Jordanian and are thankful for the airline's confidence in us. With our technical know-how and our competitive cost structures, we want to make a significant contribution to the success of Royal Jordanian in the important, rapidly growing Middle East aviation market." 


Component support for Wamos Air extended

TCS® for Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A330 fleets

Lufthansa Technik AG and the Spanish charter airline Wamos Air have extended their existing cooperation for a further two years. Lufthansa Technik has supplied components for Wamos Air's fleet of Boeing 747-400s since 2003 as part of Total Component Support (TCS®). The newly extended contract includes warehousing and the pooling of spare parts at Wamos Air's hub in Madrid in addition to component repairs and overhauls.

Under a five-year TCS® contract concluded last year, the carrier's two Airbus A330s are also being looked after by Lufthansa Technik. Now that a third Airbus A330 has been added to the fleet, the scope of the contract and the spectrum of the components (part numbers) have been extended significantly.

Enrique Saiz, Chief Executive Officer at Wamos Air, said: "We have been working with Lufthansa Technik since 2003 and the company has proven to be a reliable partner for component support for our fleet. We are pleased that we can continue to rely on Lufthansa Technik's support in the future because they are part of our success."

Georgios Ouzounidis, Director Sales Europe at Lufthansa Technik, added: "These new agreements are confirmation of the good partnership and business relationship we have enjoyed for many years with Wamos Air. We have provided the airline with services precisely tailored to its needs since its first day of flight operations, and are very pleased to continue this trusted relationship." 


Lufthansa Technik and Air Canada agree on services for Boeing 737 MAX and CFM56

TCS® for up to 61 aircraft plus options

Air Canada and Lufthansa Technik have strengthened their trusted partnership with the signing of a new Total Component Support (TCS®) contract for Air Canada's future Boeing 737 MAX fleet. The airline also extended the existing CFM56 engine services agreement for a further eight years until 2026.

The ten-year TCS®-contract covers the airline's future fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Air Canada currently has 61 737 MAX on order, with options for another 18 aircraft and purchase rights for further 30 aircraft of this type.

In addition, the existing service contract covering the CFM56-5A and CFM56-5B engines powering Air Canada's current fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft has been extended. From 2017 to 2026, all work will be carried out at Lufthansa Technik‘s facilities in Montreal and Hamburg.

George Psycharis, Managing Director Maintenance and Strategy at Air Canada, said: "Lufthansa Technik has a proven record of delivering superior maintenance services to Air Canada.  We are pleased to extend our successful business relationship further for CFM56 engine maintenance, and include Boeing 737 MAX component support."

Frank Berwerger, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Americas at Lufthansa Technik, said: "As a key partner of Air Canada for their MRO requirements, Lufthansa Technik has been able to successfully grow the scope of the business over the past ten years. We take great pride in this partnership and the loyalty and trust between Air Canada and Lufthansa Technik. I am delighted that we were able to win the Boeing 737 MAX Total Component Support contract and the extension of our CFM56 engine services agreement, which includes services of our on-site Mobile Engine team in Montreal."

With these new agreements, Air Canada and Lufthansa Technik further expand their successful relationship which already includes a variety of MRO services for several years. Lufthansa Technik has been providing MRO services for Air Canada's CFM56-5A and -5B engines since 2012. 


A350 component support and CF6 engine services for Asiana Airlines

Total Component Support (TCS®) for 15 years

Lufthansa Technik AG and the South Korean carrier Asiana Airlines have signed two comprehensive, long-term agreements. In the frame of a 15-year Total Component Support (TCS®) contract, Lufthansa Technik will support the carrier's future Airbus A350 fleet with components and provide access to an extensive spare parts pool. Furthermore, a four-year contract running from 2018 covers the repair and overhaul of Asiana's CF6-80 engines powering the airline's Boeing 747 and 767 fleets.

Lufthansa Technik will provide A350 components not only from its main warehouse in Germany but also from its existing spare parts pool in Hong Kong, which will be expanded to accommodate the new contract with Asiana Airlines.

Sang-Woo Noh, Senior Vice President Purchasing and General Administration of Asiana Airlines, says: "We have come to know Lufthansa Technik as a reliable and innovative partner from the support of our A320 fleet. For our new A350s, we need long-term security – starting from day one." Regarding the engine contract, he also adds: "We have chosen Lufthansa Technik to overhaul our CF6-80 engines because we are convinced, that Lufthansa Technik, as a reliable partner, is the best choice for us to support our Boeing 747 and 767 fleets."

"We are very proud that Asiana Airlines has decided to extend our trustful cooperation. This contract is a further milestone in our long-term partnership. We look forward to supporting Asiana's A350 fleet with our extensive material supply capacities," says Gerald Steinhoff, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Asia Pacific of Lufthansa Technik. "We are also very happy to support Asiana Airlines with our knowhow and engine service capabilities. I am looking forward to a further strengthened and trustful partnership."

Lufthansa Technik and Asiana Airlines have been working together for more than 20 years. Currently, the Hamburg-based MRO company is looking after Asiana's Airbus A320 fleet, likewise under a Total Component Support (TCS®) contract. Lufthansa Technik is also supporting Asiana's V2500 engines and APS3200 auxiliary power units.

Asiana Airlines has ordered 22 Airbus A350 series aircraft, with four A350-900 scheduled to enter service this year. Once all the ordered A350 have been delivered, Asiana Airlines will operate one of the largest fleets of this aircraft type in Asia, and will become Lufthansa Technik's biggest A350-customer in the area.



Lufthansa Technik extends warehouse capacities in the USA

Improved materials supply for the American market

Lufthansa Technik AG has now opened a new warehouse in the USA, close to the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. This represents a significant expansion of the site, ensuring stable supply for customers in this growing region into the future.

The Fort Lauderdale site serves as a connecting point for North, Central and South America. It was therefore chosen as the primary storage facility for the American market and central gateway for the extensive customer supply network in the region. The state-of-the-art facility, in operation around the clock all year, and the seamlessly integrated transport network allow the company to even better fulfill the high quality exectations of its customers. Customers benefit from the personal contact and from the fact that their contact person is in the same timezone.

The new 2,000-square-meter warehouse has capacity for around 9,000 components. It also houses more than 10,000 items of consumables & expendables. Various models of aircraft can be supported from here.

The warehouse is operated by Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS), making use of the logistic processes and IT systems of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS). The newly introduced LTLS computer-supported logistic order management system will make even more precise scheduling of internal logistic process steps possible. "This will enable us to manage and efficiently process future customer orders in line with individual customer requirements, even during peak dispatch periods," says Christoph Corbelin, LTLS Project Manager.

"Further new customers have been acquired in America in recent years. The new warehouse ensures rapid and reliable supply of spare parts," comments Steve Fondell, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS).

The expansion of the Fort Lauderdale site is part of the strategic direction being pursued by Lufthansa Technik's Component Services division. Growth is to be increased in America as well as in the regions of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. LTCS, headquartered in Tulsa (Oklahoma) has warehouse facilities in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale. 


Component support for Royal Brunei Airlines

Ten-year contract for A320 and upcoming A320neo fleet

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and Lufthansa Technik have signed a ten-year contract covering component support for RB's A320 and upcoming A320neo fleet. The scope of services includes repair management for a comprehensive range of line replaceable units, provision of critical inventory at RB's home base in Brunei and access to Lufthansa Technik's global network of component pools. In addition, Lufthansa Technik will support Royal Brunei Airlines with the c.more® product, a supply management solution for consumables and expendables.

"We are delighted to partner with Lufthansa Technik for the component support program. They are one of the best Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organisations in the world and we believe through this partnership we can leverage their expertise for our benefit. We believe that with Lufthansa Technik's extensive experience on the A320 aircraft together with our ability to access their regional pools – particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong – we will receive optimum support for our Airbus fleet" said Karam Chand, Chief Executive Officer of RB.

"We are thrilled to have been selected by Royal Brunei Airlines and look forward to a successful partnership. We trust that our cost competitiveness and technical expertise will contribute to the growth of Royal Brunei Airlines," explained Zang Thio, Lufthansa Technik's Vice President Sales for South East Asia and Australia. "In addition, we are convinced that the unique proposition of our regional pools will provide the highest level of operational stability to Royal Brunei Airlines." 


Total Component Support for Airbus A330 fleet of WOW air

Three-year component support agreement

Lufthansa Technik AG and the Iceland-based low-cost airline WOW air have signed a comprehensive three-year component support agreement for the carrier's new fleet of three Trent 700-powered Airbus A330 aircraft. The contract period commenced on 1 August 2016.

The Total Component Support TCS® contract covers the overhaul of line replaceable units (LRU), pooling and home base lease. Component supply will be realized via the Lufthansa Technik facilities in Frankfurt and Hamburg as well as through the US-based Lufthansa Technik warehouses.

"This agreement will provide WOW air with the support needed while launching our U.S./Europe A330 widebody network, by minimizing technical delays and optimizing dispatch reliability," said Aegir Thorberg Jonsson, Director Technical Operation of WOW air.

"We are very proud to support WOW air right from the beginning of its long-haul operations," said Georgios Ouzounidis, Vice President Sales Europe at Lufthansa Technik. "Our experience in delivering technical services for other airlines expanding their portfolio will definitely help us to offer the best solutions to WOW air. We are looking forward to build up a trustful and long-lasting partnership with them." 


Lufthansa Technik strengthens its commitment to Asia

Startup of Lufthansa Technik Component Services Asia Pacific

Lufthansa Technik is strengthening its commitment to the growth market of Asia with the founding of Lufthansa Technik Component Services Asia Pacific. At the same time, a new location for component supply in Hong Kong has been established. The new warehouse offers a wide-spanning network for customer care in the Asian region along with the existing locations in Singapore and Narita.

In the new company, 30 employees will be responsible for local customer support in the Asia Pacific region, in addition to ensuring they are optimally supplied with materials. Customers will benefit from one contact in the same time zone as well as the personal connection. The close proximity to Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen, the local maintenance organization of the Lufthansa Technik Group, is an advantage for the warehouse located at the Hong Kong Airport. Transport times and costs for material in need of repair can be minimized while maximizing the availability.

Lufthansa Technik will also use the latest technologies in order to increase turnaround on site even further. An example of this is the "gate box" (gate.control), an automatic material identification system for which a patent application has been filed. The new development from Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services will allow components to be allocated faster to suit demand while avoiding input errors.

Lufthansa Technik already has numerous contracts with leading Asian airlines, primarily in the North Asian market. As an independent MRO organization, Lufthansa Technik has long since been anchored in the region and is a valuable partner.

The establishment of the location in Hong Kong is part of the strategic alignment of the Lufthansa Technik Component Services product division which, in addition to the regions of Europe and the Middle East, is also planning to expand its growth primarily in America and Asia. In addition to the locations in China, Lufthansa Technik Component Services already includes the American maintenance organization Lufthansa Technik Component Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with warehouses in Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco and New York (JFK).

Lufthansa Technik's Product Division Component Services repairs more than 360,000 components every year. 


Total Component Support for new Cypriot Airline Cobalt

Comprehensive five year component supply agreement

Lufthansa Technik AG, international provider for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, and the new Cypriot airline Cobalt have signed a comprehensive five year component supply agreement for the airline's initial fleet of six Airbus A320 aircraft. The aircraft are equipped with V2500 and CFMI 56-5A engines.

The Total Component Support TCS® agreement covers airframe and engine related component overhaul, engine condition monitoring services as well as pooling and home base lease. The component supply will be realized via the Lufthansa Technik facilities in Frankfurt and Hamburg.

"Cobalt are delighted to have Lufthansa Technik, a major European MRO and partner supporting our growth as the Local Cypriot Airline", said Neil Charters, Technical Director from Cobalt.

"We are very proud to support Cobalt right from the beginning of its operations", said Georgios Ouzounidis, Director Sales Europe, at Lufthansa Technik. "Our experience in delivering technical services for other start-ups will definitely help us to offer the best solutions to Cobalt. We are looking forward to build up a trustful and long-lasting partnership with them." 


Component services for China Airlines' new Airbus A350 fleet

New long term agreement

Lufthansa Technik and Taiwan based airline China Airlines have comprehensively expanded their partnership by entering into a new long term agreement for component services (Total Component Support, TCS®) for China Airlines Airbus A350 fleet.

According to the contract, the Hamburg/Germany-based maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider is now responsible for the component supply of the airline's Airbus A350 fleet. The services to be rendered include maintenance, reliability monitoring, reliability enhancement programs as well as logistic services.

In addition, Lufthansa Technik will provide a worldwide AOG support for China Airlines modern wide body fleet using Lufthansa Technik's well established network including the component pools in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

C.J. Huang, Senior Vice President at China Airlines said: "After a long selection process we came to the conclusion that Lufthansa Technik could offer us the high level of performance and reliability that we are in need of for the component support of our new A350 fleet. We believe partnering with Lufthansa Technik is a win-win strategic move and will further strengthen the collaboration between China Airlines and Lufthansa Technik."

"We are proud to extend our partnership with China Airlines by supporting their new flagship, the A350. Lufthansa Technik has proven its vast experience in providing comprehensive A350 support to various airlines worldwide. Therefore, we warmly welcome China Airlines to our A350 community", Gerald Steinhoff, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific from Lufthansa Technik explained.

Lufthansa Technik has been responsible for supplying material for China Airlines' A330 and A340 long-haul fleets under a Total Component Support TCS® contract since 2010. 


On-site Supplies for British Customers

Lufthansa Technik opens component warehouse in London

Lufthansa Technik AG is opening a new warehouse for component supply at London Heathrow Airport. With this local presence in the United Kingdom, Lufthansa Technik is further consolidating its supply network for customers within Europe and significantly shortening the supply times for British customers.

In opening this new warehouse location, Lufthansa Technik is underlining the importance of its British customers and the British aviation market. The state-of-the-art facility, in operation 24/7/365, and the seamlessly integrated transport concept allow the company to even better fulfill the high quality expectations of its customers. The regional proximity means that equipment can be delivered airside to any airport in the UK in just a few hours. Located directly at London Heathrow Airport, the new site also facilitates the quickest possible transport connections to international destinations.

Lufthansa Technik is improving supply for existing Total Component Support TCS® contracts and at the same time optimizing the service range for ad hoc Loan and Exchange customers. Ultimately, the concept serves to extend reliability and efficiency for customers.

Initially, the site will encompass components for virtually all systems in the Airbus A320 family and A330 ranges. Lufthansa Technik will be continually working to expand the equipment portfolio for other aircraft models, thereby continually extending the benefit for customers.

With this move into the United Kingdom and expansions in the Americas and in Asia, for example the planned opening of a Hong Kong site this year, Lufthansa Technik is continuing to offer its customers innovative and highly efficient supply solutions. 


Total Component Support for Safair

TCS® for Boeing 737NG fleet of low-cost carrier

The South African carrier Safair has contracted Lufthansa Technik to provide comprehensive component support. The corresponding Total Component Support TCS® contract covers component maintenance, repair, overhaul as well as access to an adequate pool of spares. Effective from 1 April the contract comprises the support for up to five Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft operated by Safair's low-cost airline FlySafair.

With this contract, Lufthansa Technik further strengthens its presence in the African market where airlines such as Kenya Airways, RwandAir, South African Airways and SA Express are already relying on Lufthansa Technik's wide-ranging services.

Lufthansa Technik Total Component Support TCS® is the perfect solution for operators that want optimal component availability without the task of setting up and maintaining their own spare parts inventories. Customers benefit from a unique pooling concept: Lufthansa Technik stocks more than 100,000 components and guarantees 100 percent reliable delivery at a pre-determined service level. Members of the Lufthansa Technik TCS® pool also benefit from reductions in operating costs through economies of scale.

The low-cost South African airline FlySafair began operations in 2014, serving six domestic destinations from the airline's hub in Johannesburg. 


Philippine Airlines and Lufthansa Technik sign contract

Total component maintenance support for Airbus A320 and A340

Philippine Airlines and Lufthansa Technik AG have signed a five-year Total Component Maintenance (TCM) contract for the Airline's Airbus A320 and A340 Fleet. The services will be extended end of 2016 to support additional Airbus 320s operated by Philippine Airlines.
Lufthansa Technik will support Philippine Airlines at its main base in Manila, the Component Service offices in Manila and Shenzhen will coordinate the customer support. Maintenance, repair and overhaul services will be carried out at Lufthansa Technik's component Centres in Hamburg, Germany and Shenzhen, China.
"We were pleased with Lufthansa Technik's ability to customize its services to the individual needs of Philippine Airlines and ensuring 24/7 worldwide AOG services at locations such as JFK which are vital for our Flight operations," said William Tan, Vice President of Purchasing, Philippine Airlines.
Jens Behrend, Sales Executive from Lufthansa Technik, said: "I want to thank Philippine Airlines for the trust they continuously place in the Lufthansa Technik Group. The signing of these contracts is a great success for us in this highly competitive market."
Lufthansa Technik is committed to extend its partnership with Philippine Airlines and to support other Aircraft types in the future.


Comprehensive component support for Boeing 777-300ER from SWISS

Contract includes nine aircraft

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has contracted Lufthansa Technik to provide component support for its future Boeing 777 long-haul fleet. The corresponding Total Component Support TCS® contract will run for a period of ten years and includes nine aircraft.

Wolfgang Weynell, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales & Marketing at Lufthansa Technik, remarked on the first contract with SWISS for integrated component support saying: "Lufthansa Technik has developed a very ambitious supply concept for SWISS, which is characterized by a high level of service and very short delivery times. Together with the competitive pricing, this was a critical factor in the airline's positive decision in our favor."

Lufthansa Technik is working intensively on preparations for supplying components for SWISS. This includes the basic stocking of the home base with spare parts at the airline's base airport in Zurich. The start date for supply is 1 January 2016.

Lufthansa Technik has wide-ranging expertise in the area of technical support for the Boeing 777. Apart from comprehensive material supply, the support also covers maintenance and overhaul of the different 777 versions, for example by Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International (LTMI) in Frankfurt among others. The maintenance specialists at Lufthansa Technik also contributed in no small way to the smooth entry into service of the 777 freighter for Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Technik enjoys a leading position in the overhaul of Boeing 777 landing gear through its subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK, which is located near London. Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) in Manila is currently building up expertise in the overhaul of 777 aircraft, which is expected to be available in the first half of 2016. Initial technical preparations are also currently underway at Lufthansa Technik for the smooth entry into service of the latest Boeing 777X version at Lufthansa German Airlines. 


Norwegian Group expands cooperation with Lufthansa Technik

Base maintenance for entire Boeing 737-800 fleet

The Norwegian Group has extended the Total Base Maintenance Support TBS™ contract with Lufthansa Technik for its Boeing 737-800 fleet ahead of time. The MRO contract covering Boeing 787 wheels and brakes has also been expanded.

Norwegian and Lufthansa Technik signed the first contract for a TBS™ covering the airline's Boeing 737-800 fleet already in 2012. Initially running over a period of five years, the airline has recently expanded and extended the contract. Beyond the existing fleet, the new contract also covers the future 737-800 fleet of the entire Norwegian Group. In addition to Norwegian Air Shuttle, this also includes Norwegian Air International Ltd., Norwegian Air UK Ltd. and Norwegian Air Norway AS. For the first time, Lufthansa Technik will also perform end-of-lease checks, initially on eleven aircraft.

As a Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Recommended Repair Center (RRC) for Boeing 787 wheels and brakes, Lufthansa Technik is also responsible for the wheels and brakes of Norwegian's Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet. The corresponding agreement has also been extended and the volume doubled. Under contract at Lufthansa Technik since 2013, Norwegian currently has eight 787-800 aircraft in operation. From 2016 the airline will also start operating the Dreamliner's -900 version. 


SAEI and Lufthansa Technik sign MOU for joint component MRO services

Signing at Dubai Airshow

On the occasion of the Dubai Airshow 2015, Lufthansa Technik AG and Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI), the Aircraft Maintenance arm of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), have signed an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership.

Lufthansa Technik will support SAEI with Aircraft Component Maintenance for Saudia's A320 and A330 fleet and will further assist SAEI to develop the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities for Airbus and Boeing Aircraft at SAEIs facilities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In turn Lufthansa Technik will use SAEI as a subcontractor for those parts SAEI already holds existing capabilities. The partners also intend to jointly market their mutual capacities to third party customers in the region with commercial or military aircraft.

Nader Khalawi, Chief Executive Officer of SAEI, said: "Our strategic partnership with Lufthansa Technik supports our growth plans especially that SAEI has announced the launch of the largest MRO facility in the middle east; we are pleased to extend our cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, a trustful, dependable and innovative partner, on components support for our current and future Airbus and Boeing fleet."

Lufthansa Technik´s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Johannes Bussmann, explained: "The Middle East region is extremely important for us. We are very delighted and honored to be able to further expand our trustful and reliable cooperation with SAEI. SAEI's objectives to become a sustainable MRO partner for Middle Eastern operators will be strongly supported by Lufthansa Technik in the future."