Facts and Figures

An overview of the key facts about our company

Function Name
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                               Stephen Fondell
Chief Operations Officer (COO)                    Tobias Baumgart
Chief Logistics Officer (CLO) Christian Bartlau
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Tim Butzmann




Function Name
Manager Quality Assurance Robert Virdell
Manager Production Erik Lazdins
Manager Product Development & Engineering John Blackman
Manager Component Enginering & Supply Chain Alexander Holschier
Manager Finance, Controlling & Compliance Dirk Kokott
Manager Projects & Processes Martin Dolk
Senior Director Customer Service & Account Management Javier Breton
Director Customer Service & AOG Desk SFO Steffen Budde
Manager Closed Loop Fullfilment Javier Castellano
Manager Open Loop Fullfilment Mike Jardanowski
Manager Product Sales Thomas Mueller
Manager Operational Customer Service Alma Garcia
Manager Material Services Eva Engert
Manager Material Sourcing & AOG Purchasing Thomas Lyons
Manager Consumables & Expendables Services Corey Licurse
Manager MRO Purchasing Dirk Lienemann
Director Warehouse Management Christian Bartlau
Director Trade Networks & Logistics Birgit Kathmeyer
Director Transportation Linda Scherbner
Director Production Alternatives Christian Ehard



Company Facts
Founded 2000
Shareholder 100% Lufthansa Technik AG
Number of Employees 400
Headquarter Tulsa, Oklahoma
Locations Tulsa (OK), Miramar (FL), San Francisco (CA), East Meadows (NY), Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), Seattle (WA),